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Who We Are

Books to Benefit is a local 501(C)3 nonprofit organization passionately working to support literacy. Two times yearly we host used book sales, donating the benefits to support STAR Adult Literacy and YouthBuild McLean County's literacy programs, provide financial support for the Books to Benefit Community Service Scholarship award at Heartland Community College through bake sale profits, encourage volunteerism through community service and promote recycling by rescuing books.

What We Do

We are looking for bakers to provide homemade baked good for the Books to Benefit bake sale. The proceeds of the sale fund the Heartland Community College Books to Benefit Community Service Textbook Scholarship. 

We need the items dropped off by Friday, May 19 at 9:30 a.m. You may also drop off items on Thursday, May 18 between 4:30 - 8 p.m. at the Books to Benefit location, 360 Wylie Drive, Suite 700, Normal, Illinois.

Guidelines for Baked Goods

Please ensure items are homemade, not store bought tube cookies. Cupcakes and messy items do not sell.

  • Indicate how many individual servings you will provide.
  • Package your baked goods in sandwich bags for single serving.
  • Suggest prices for your items. Items are generally priced at $1-3 increments.
  • Bring a note card with your items that lists ingredients for those with allergies.
Would you be willing to sign up? You can easily sign up now on

Through the efforts of our volunteers we collect donations of used books, CDs, DVDs and audiobooks from the community. We organize pickup from four local drop boxes and large donations from churches, libraries, Home Sweet Home Mission and private citizens. Books are sorted and shelved or boxed in preparation for our sales, sorted by genre and alphabetized by author. What we don’t sell we recycle, rescuing books from landfills. 

Our organization is run by dedicated volunteers who help before, during and after our sales. Our volunteers are passionate about books so we work to find ways to help them share their passion with others by placing them in positions that best match their talents and expertise.

We seek volunteers to:

  • pick up donations sort collections
  • work the bake sale table on Friday, May 19 from 5-7:30 pm
Interested in helping pick up donations or staff the bake sale table? Contact President Jackie Langhoff at (309) 310-5085 for more information.