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A Woman Who Teaches By Being

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May 29, 2014
by Noel Lucero

With the recent passing of the great Maya Angelou, I have been reflecting on what it means to live a truly meaningful life. Few could argue that Dr. Angelou did not have a great impact on the world - indeed, her words will very well live on for many generations. Why was this woman so important? What was it about her life that resonated with people, and will continue to do so long after her death? And most importantly, how can I be more like her??

The answer came to me as I was sifting through the hundreds of thought-inspiring, heart spoken and wise quotes of Maya Angelou and came across this gem:


Then it hit me - this woman was so important the world over because she gave all of herself to others. She didn't just talk the talk - her life reflected all of the words she wrote and spoke throughout the decades. She did not just speak about love, she loved herself and showered love on others. She did not just speak about courage, she was incredibly couragous. She did not just speak intelligently, she savored knowledge and wisdom in all its forms. Through her life, she was able to inspire and teach others to grow, love, and be brave in all things. She was a woman who taught simply by being.

There are few famous people in this world that make you feel as if you know their soul. Maya Angelou was able to do just that, by inspiring people with her grace, humility, wisdom, creativity, and resilience. She taught me to be grateful for every lived learn from them, to build on them, and now to share them. I am certain that I could never create a statement or sentiment that could ever do the beautiful spirit, life, legacy, memory and love of Maya Angelou justice, but I will try with these closing thoughts...

I hope that we can all be still and submissive enough to this universe that we too may impact at least ONE in the fashion that she has impacted so many. Let us all strive to give of ourselves completely - give our time, our experiences, our thoughts, and most importantly, our love - and then rejoice as those sweet gifts are then returned to us by others.

Thank you for sharing your stories and soul with the world. Rest as gracefully as you lived Sweet Poet....Rest beautifully....