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Get Connected to Our Local Universities!

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Sep 25, 2013

Since McLean County has two major universities, many local organizations rely on college students for their volunteering needs. We relized it can be pretty time-consuming to post your needs to several different audiences, so we teamed up to take some of that work off of you! Now when an organization on Volunteer Connection posts a need, it is also automatically sent to ISU's Leadership & Service Office and IWU's Volunteer & Resource Center, where hundreds of students are looking for ways to get involved in our community. 

The universities use their discretion when re-posting needs from Volunteer Connection, and will post those opportunities that best fit students' needs. For example, if an organization is asking for someone to volunteer only in the summer, or for a volunteer that has to have professional or technical experience, they might not post that on their volunteer listserves. In general, though, mostly everything will be forwarded on!

We hope that this partnership will help you find quality volunteers quicker than ever before! If your organization wants to opt out of this feature for any reason, send an email to