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Happy New Year - Remember to Make it Count!

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Jan 3, 2014
by Noel Lucero
The coming of a new year is a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and to set new goals for the future. As we bring in 2014, pause to think about all of the lives that you touched in the past year and how you might be able to increase your influence moving forward. The holiday season is often a time that everyone shows their best face, a time when people are kinder, more generous and more thoughtful. Now that the year is underway and the holidays are behind us, I encourage everyone to make a resolution that counts – the resolution to remember.

Remember the jingle of the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle bells, remember the smiles of people that benefitted from Children’s Home + Aid’s Adopt-A-Family, and remember the warmth that a foster child feels in his new coat from CASA’s Blue Kid Tree. These things are worth remembering because they were small acts of kindness that had a large and lasting effect. They are worth remembering because if we all carried this compassion throughout the year, our community would benefit tenfold. It is no matter if you are giving of your money, your time or your influence – because when you reach out a hand to one person, you are reaching out a hand to all. Recognizing that we are all connected and that one small action has a ripple effect that reaches far beyond itself is what it means to “Live United.” So as we head into another year, resolve to never forget how much of an impact you can have from one simple act of kindness.